Why Do We Face Forward?

Envisioning a better future is the first step to empowerment. We turn our backs on homelessness and position ourselves to envision what’s next. We break the cycle of homelessness in Chicago by providing housing and social services that empower individuals to face forward to a new future. We know that connecting people to safe, stable, long-term housing first creates the best platform to address the root causes of homelessness.

Over the past five years, 85 percent of our clients have changed their lives and ended their cycle of homelessness. They have pride in their homes. They receive health care that improves their quality of life. They earn high school degrees and excel in college programs. And their children thrive.

Meet Our Team

Staff (Directors and Managers)

Rev. Douglas Bradshaw, Executive Director


LaShonda Milton, Deputy Director


Melissa Anson, Director of Development


Venus London, Director of Programs


Christina Respass, Sr. Finance Director


Emmanuel Cabrales, Property Advocacy Manager


Rafael Espinoza, Program Manager


Alexis Gregg, Sr. Grants Manager


Trevon Hagan, Senior Accountant


Tennille Hunt, Program Manager


Kristen Hunter, HR Manager


Samantha Jones, Program Quality & Compliance Manager


Tania Lewis, Program Manager


Juanita McWilliams, Contract Manager


Byron Pruitt, Program Manager


Marilyn Salazar, Communications and Events Manager


Michael Scottberg, Sr. Program Manager of Program Operations


Canentra Williams, Sr. Program Manager


Board of Directors

Bryce Bach, Chair

Partner, Oliver Wyman

Harish Venkitaramanan, Vice Chair

Senior Manager, Office of the CEO, Cisco Systems

Christine Lopez, Governance Chair

Vice President, BMO

Ashwin Avasarala, Secretary

Analytics Engagement Leader, Koch Industries

Jeff Oskin, Treasurer

Vice President, J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC

Rev. Douglas Bradshaw, Executive Director

Facing Forward to End Homelessness

Arnav Amin

Executive Vice President, OHLA USA, Inc.

Bob Hanley

Schundra Hubbard

Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Al Kator

Owner, Bandwidth Simplified

Karen Lothan

Christina Macumber

Wealth Management Advisor, Fifth Third Private Bank

Todd Macumber

President, HUB International Unlimited

Adam O'Connor

Sr. Regional Director, William Blair

Dr. Aaron R. Quarles

Emergency Physician, Northwestern Medicine

Matthew Tucker

Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member, NightWare

Associate Board

Ethan Roeder, Co-Chair

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Tita Arroyo, Engagement Chair

LIFE LOVES Health Coaching

Oliver Besman

First Eagle Bank

Sergio Castellanos

Sirjeeoh LLC

Ashley Cross

Michael Best & Friedrich

Kriti Datta

Argo Group

Dumsie Ebo

Dominican University

Lauren Ernst

United Airlines

Shahid Monametsi

Oliver Wyman

Carol Schmitz

Rocky Supinger

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Ian Thompson


Malini Udayabhan

Waltz Health

Lauren Wilkins


Our Partners