Charting New Paths: Career Forward Youth Internship Program

Last year, Facing Forward proudly launched Career Forward a pilot internship program funded by our community partners, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This paid internship opportunity was designed to help young adults in our stable housing programs gain valuable professional skills, work experience, and financial literacy skills. Over a span of 10 weeks, three young adults interned with local nonprofit, ReVive Center for Housing and Healing, and attended weekly career readiness workshops facilitated by Facing Forward's dedicated Youth & Career Advocate.

Throughout the internship, participants, Taihan, Chris, and Jaime, achieved significant personal milestones, such as obtaining driver's licenses, securing their own modes of transportation, and pursuing meaningful higher education and career goals.

Facing Forward is thrilled to share and celebrate the following highlights from this empowering opportunity:



During her internship, Taihan discovered her passion for helping others, connecting several friends and acquaintances to vital resources offered at ReVive. Inspired by her experience, she secured a position as a Direct Support Professional, working with individuals with disabilities. During the internship, Taihan also achieved personal milestones such as opening a bank account to obtaining her driver's license and even purchasing a car.

"The program taught me new skills and gave me motivation and hope."




During the internship, Jaime was inspired to change his career path, shifting his focus from Nursing to Social Work. He proactively applied for federal student aid, paving the way for his educational aspirations at Malcolm X College. With guidance from our Youth & Career Advocate, Jaime not only opened a bank account but also saved enough money to buy a car. Post-internship, he continues to volunteer with ReVive as his schedule allows.

"[The internship] taught me ways to break out of my shell, communicate better, and approach situations by considering possible outcomes."




For Chris, the internship was a catalyst for personal growth. He delved into resources aimed at financial literacy and self-development, embracing mindfulness and communication techniques to overcome anxiety. Throughout the course of the internship, Chris not only saved diligently but also obtained his driver's license, marking significant progress towards his goals.

"I loved everything that I learned from the workshop portion, especially money management. I feel more confident."


Taihan, Chris, and Jaime's experiences demonstrate the confidence-building power of providing mentorship, skills development, and opportunities for young people impacted by homelessness. For many families, homelessness, underemployment, and poverty follow a generational cycle that is perpetuated systemically. Targeted supports like those provided by Career Forward and Facing Forward’s Family Empowerment Team can positively impact entire families, helping them break free from patterns of instability.

Facing Forward is grateful to our Career Forward Internship partners, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their support has helped open doors for these three young people, affording them opportunities, guidance, and a stipend that made a meaningful difference in their movement toward their goals. This investment in young people impacted by homelessness, who start their journeys at a disadvantage relative to their stably housed peers, is how we break cycles of poverty and instability. Thank you for your partnership in Facing Forward’s mission and Two-Generation work.