Facing Forward


For young moms like Janelle, having the support of a community like Facing Forward’s has led to confidence, tenacity, and empowerment, which are changing the course of her life.

Janelle is a strong, motivated woman from Chicago’s South Side neighborhood of Englewood. Faced with the struggle of being a teen mom while experiencing homelessness, Janelle juggled school, work, parenting, and even living in shelters with her son until connecting with Facing Forward in 2019.

With a community of supporters like you at her side, Janelle has been able to provide a stable home for her now 8 year old son, Trey; landed a full-time job at the Chicago Transit Authority; and soon plans to move on from the program and into her own apartment.

Facing Forward has helped me a lot, they showed me that there are people willing to help but also, that I can build myself up and find the motivation to help myself,” Janelle recently shared with us. “They helped me become the woman I am today and feel confident taking on the responsibilities that come with that.

Today, Janelle is diligently saving for her son’s future and building up her credit in hopes of owning her own home one day.