Timishio was 7 months pregnant when she first connected with Facing Forward. As a mother, she prides herself on being able to provide a strong and stable foundation for her daughter who is now an adult herself, and her 5 year old son who continues to reach significant developmental milestones. “I was able to make sure my daughter could grow up without ever being homeless,” she shared.
Since connecting with Facing Forward in 2001, Timishio has been focused on forging a better life for herself and her family. She has continued her education, proudly earning her G.E.D. as well as multiple certifications in the medical field. This past year, after navigating the courts for a year and a half,  Timishio was able to gain guardianship of her mother who has a disability but is now showing signs of improvement under Timishio’s care.

Today, Timishio continues to expand her skill set and is training to reach her goal of becoming licensed in security and private investigating. “Facing Forward has helped me and encouraged me to do better. As soon as I felt like I had somebody on my side, everything started to fall into place. I feel relieved now and I’ve moved past my depression. It’s just living now and trying to accomplish more goals.”


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