Facing Forward


Since Kim has been with Facing Forward, she has made tremendous strides in her life and discovered her passion for helping others. In 2012, she was elated to receive admission to Northeastern Illinois University’s undergraduate program. Kim completed her bachelor’s degree while growing in stability and self-sufficiency at Facing Forward, and following that tremendous accomplishment, she received a scholarship to attend Loyola University’s Master’s Program in Social Work. While completing her master’s degree, Kim interned at the I AM ABLE Center for trauma, family, and crisis counseling and became a certified S-BURT substance dependency screener to provide treatment referrals for people struggling with addiction, as she had ten years ago.

Following her graduation from Loyola, Kim successfully passed the exam to become a Licensed Social Worker. Her accomplishments are a testament to all that is possible when a person is given the second chance of a stable home, partnership toward her goals, and the opportunity to tap into her strength and abilities. Not all Facing Forward residents will go on to complete post-graduate degrees, but all do find stability, support, and strength of will as they set challenging goals and work hard toward a better life for themselves and their families.